Group Structure

Bumrungrad Hospital Public Company Limited (the “Company”) operates a private hospital business in Bangkok with 580 licensed beds and capacity for over 5,500 outpatients per day. The Company is one of the leading healthcare providers in Thailand and the Southeast Asian region, providing complete healthcare services for both outpatients and inpatients. The Company has always emphasized the importance of quality healthcare and experienced physicians and staff. Bumrungrad International Hospital, Bangkok is the first hospital in Asia to receive the US standard accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI). Additionally, the hospital is the first to be approved by Thai Hospital Accreditation (HA), and the first hospital in Thailand to receive accreditations from the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and the first in Asia to receive Det Norske Veritas (DNV) in Managing Infection Risk (MIR).

Corporate structure (as of 31 December 2018)

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The Company has nine subsidiaries, including

  1. Vitallife Corporation Limited,
  2. Asia Global Health Limited,
  3. Asia Global Research Company Limited,
  4. Ruenmongkol Company Limited,
  5. Life and Longevity Limited,
  6. Bumrungrad Health Network Company Limited (formerly known as Bumrungrad Personnel Development Center Co., Ltd.),
  7. Bumrungrad Personnel Development and Training Center Company Limited,
  8. Health Horizons Enterprises Pte. Ltd., and
  9. Bumrungrad Services Company Limited

The Company also has three indirectly owned subsidiaries, including (1) Bumrungrad Mongolia LLC (80%-owned as per its shareholding portion in Health Horizons Enterprises Pte. Ltd.), (2) Seoul Seniors Towers LLC (approx. 41%-owned with control as per its shareholding portion through Health Horizons Enterprises Pte. Ltd. and Bumrungrad Mongolia LLC), and (3) Bumrungrad Myanmar Co., Ltd. (80%-owned through Bumrungrad Health Network Co., Ltd.).

The Company has two associated companies, including (1) 31.5%-owned Bumrungrad International Limited, and (2) 49%-indirect owned Inovital International AG through Life and Longevity Limited.

Details of subsidiaries, affiliated companies and associated companies are as follows:

Vitallife Corporation Limited (“Vitallife”) is a pioneer in longevity medicine; integrating predictive, preventive, rejuvenating, and regenerative strategies for optimal healthy lifestyles. Vital Life brings together cutting-edge technologies to provide patients the means to “Feel Younger, Look Better, and Live Longer”. Biomarker analysis, advanced supplementation, toxicity assessments, early detection, and regenerative medicine are key Vital Life analytics.

Asia Global Health Limited (“AGH”) has served as a company that supports the strategy for regional investment in healthcare and related business. It is now a dormant company.

Asia Global Research Company Limited (“AGR”) is the provider of clinical research, both within Thailand and Southeast Asia. The services include (1) contract research organization (“CRO”), which performs multicenter clinical trials for international biotech, pharmaceutical and device companies, and (2) site management organization (“SMO”), which manages groups of investigational sites to provide quality research and quality data.

Ruenmongkol Company Limited (“RM”) is the owner of land to be used for business expansion at Sukhumvit Soi 1 (approx. 3-3-44.4 Rai).

Life and Longevity Limited (“LLL”) registered in Hong Kong Special Administrative Regions of the People's Republic of China, a holding company for overseas investments of the Company.

Bumrungrad International Limited (“BIL”) had served as a Company international investment arm. BIL had focused on hospital ownership and management. In 2013, BIL ceased its operating activity and pursued the distribution of its funds to shareholders via capital reduction. The Company was dissolved on 28 December 2017 and is now in the liquidation process.

Bumrungrad Health Network Co., Ltd. (“BHN”) (previously Bumrungrad Personnel Development Center Co., Ltd.) is a company focused on investing in healthcare and related businesses overseas.

Health Horizons Enterprises Pte. Ltd. (“HHE”) is a holding company registered in Singapore, which supports the Company’s strategy for overseas investment in healthcare and related businesses.

Bumrungrad Mongolia LLC (“BML”) is a holding company registered in Mongolia, which supports the Company’s strategy for overseas investment in healthcare and related businesses.

Seoul Seniors Towers LLC (“SST”) is a company that owns and operates Ulaanbaatar Songdo Hospital in Mongolia.

Bumrungrad Personnel Development and Training Center Co., Ltd. ("BPDTC”) is the personnel development and training company that focuses on improving and expanding the capabilities in clinical and healthcare service to the Company and affiliated companies only.

Bumrungrad Services Co., Ltd. (“BS”) is a company that supports the strategy for referral services to both domestic and foreign patients and provides healthcare-related training services to non-affiliated companies.

Bumrungrad Myanmar Co., Ltd. ("BM”) is a company that operates a private primary care and medical diagnostic services clinic in Myanmar.

Inovital International AG (“Inovital”) is principally engaged in manufacturing and sales of vitamin supplement products and after sales services.