Message from the Managing Director

Ms. Linda Lisahapanya
Managing Director

In 2021, Bumrungrad successfully navigated through another year of Covid-19. Our unwavering focus on clinical excellence and value, ability to handle high case complexity, being thoroughly patient-centric in design and execution, resolutely maintaining world class services has yielded dividends in the form of being among the world’s top hospitals and business recovery.

We have seen pent-up demand grow and build as many of our patients eagerly awaited a less cumbersome, more fluid means of accessing Bumrungrad beyond the Alternative Hospital Quarantine and Alternative State Quarantine program, such as ‘Test-and-Go’ and ‘Sandbox’ schemes. Indeed, during the fourth quarter of 2021, our hospital shifted into high gear as the number of patients rose considerably across all metrics.

In the year, we were honored to be recognized globally by Newsweek as among the ‘World’s Top 200 Hospitals’ and among the ‘World’s 250 Smartest Hospitals’. It is clear validation of our long-term approach towards investments in the latest technologies in order to deliver the most advanced care here at the hospital. Some notable examples this year are the deployment of minimally-invasive treatments at our Breast and Urology clinics, through ‘IceCure’ and ‘Rezum’, respectively. Also made available this year at Bumrungrad, and for the first time in Thailand, is the ‘Full-Thickness Resection Device’, or ‘FTRD’, which eliminates the need for open abdomen surgery for treating early stage colon cancers. These are but the latest in our pipeline of offering highly effective treatments, requiring minimal recovery time and causing little to no pain.

We have established new clinics and enhanced our existing clinics to support our goal of being the single campus, go-to destination for world class care. A Covid-19 Recovery Clinic was established to enable us to care for those suffering from ‘Long Covid’ symptoms, post-recovery. A Pride Clinic was established to better care for the LGBTQ community. Our Heart center is now a Heart Institute, in recognition of its ability to provide even higher standards of care, and a more comprehensive suite of services. In fact, our Heart Institute firmly vindicated its status by successfully carrying out three heart-transplant operations, a procedure counted as among the most complex on the spectrum of healthcare. The Breast Center and Colorectal Center was also established, to enable us to offer specialized care for breast-related and colorectal-related conditions.

We are now a more digital hospital. Investments were made in the digital MarTech space to enable us to better communicate, inform and service our patients through our continuously upgraded Bumrungrad application, telemedicine and home care services, online store, e-payment and social media platforms. A significant amount of our revenue can now be directly attributed to our digital channels, and we expect this trend to continue. Coupling this ever growing digital trend with an increasingly data-driven, consumer behavior-oriented marketing, will enable us to be more targeted, responsive and competitive in the domestic and international healthcare market.

Our scientific wellness arm, VitalLife has gone from strength to strength. We have developed additional programs in response to consumer demand such as post-covid and post-hospital rejuvenation, more programs for those of silver age, and more comprehensive genetic testing. We expect significant growth opportunities in the expansion of our partnership wellness sanatorium concept, which is exemplified at RAKxa @ Bang Krachao. The increasing awareness and demands for a holistic, scientific wellness bode well for VitalLife and Bumrungrad as first movers in the space. The Covid pandemic has highlighted our long-held belief, and our investments in research and development that prevention and rejuvenation is key to advancing community-wide health and improving not just lifespan, but ‘healthspan’ as well.

In-line with the global need for more sustainable business practices and continuously minimizing the impact of Bumrungrad on the global resources and environment, we have established more formal reporting and monitoring mechanisms across sustainability barometers and have made investments and taken action during the year in improving these tangibly and incrementally.

We will continue to challenge and disrupt ourselves in the years to come, why? Because it is for the benefit of our patients across the globe, for our valued shareholders and for being good corporate citizens. I would like to especially thank our health professionals, allied health professionals, shareholders and partners, management and staff who share our commitment, who executive it daily and who has supported and sustainably built Bumrungrad into the hospital it is today.