Message from the Managing Director

Message from the Managing Director

Ms. Linda Lisahapanya
Managing Director

As the Managing Director of Bumrungrad over the past 33 years, it is inspiring to work with our doctors and staff in creating an enduring brand that attracts high value patients from all over the world. We faced challenges in 2016 with the low oil prices and the slowdown in world economies. In spite of this we still achieved strong revenues and profits in 2016.

We take pride in our team of more than 1,300 board certified physicians and our highly trained staff. The best medical outcomes result from having the professional team and systems in place to ensure consistency with standards that provide the best possible safety and quality for the patients. We continuously strive to achieve the highest standard of care. We were recognized by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) this year, in accrediting our laboratory as certified to the same standards as the best hospitals in the USA, a first for a healthcare provider in Thailand.

We focus heavily on ensuring that we continuously develop a talented workforce that instills our core values. This is done in a systematic approach. For example, we use internal employee surveys as guidance for actions to better support the needs of all of our staff. This has paid off well as we continue to see the decline in our nursing turnover rate. With the retention of our highly trained staff, our patient experience is greatly enhanced.

In addition to our high quality standards, access to care is becoming increasingly important to our patients. We recognize this and have opened additional facilities to serve our different patient groups: a Physical Therapy clinic in the Sathorn Business district to help support orthopedic patients, a clinic in Yangon, Myanmar that serves patients for primary care and health screening in one of our largest international patient markets, and a renovation of our satellite clinic in Nichada. We have also added advanced specialties in orthopedics and internal medicine to our hospital in Mongolia. All of these investments will better serve our patients by improving connectivity and convenience.

We continue to invest heavily in information technology that will improve the patient experience. We announced that we will implement a new Health Information System to be fully implemented by 2017. This means that our clinicians will have access to mission-critical patient information securely and promptly. As well, patients will also be able to access their health information records via a secure app or website. These systems will help us further fulfill our mission in achieving higher levels of patient safety and quality.

Bumrungrad continues to engage in the community through the Bumrungrad Foundation and our programs to support those who are unable to get access to care. Our Rak Jai Thai foundation has successfully treated over 700 pediatric cardiology cases to repair congenital heart defects. We have also treated cardiology cases in the neighboring countries of Myanmar and Vietnam, and have provided free treatments for orthopedic cases along with supporting the upcountry regions via our mobile clinic. Bumrungrad has been recognized for these efforts by the American Chamber of Commerce, where we have received the Silver Award for CSR Excellence.

Our overall strategy remains focused on growth by increasing the level of new medical services and top specialists while exploring other markets where there is a need for tertiary care that is not accessible locally. We are also expanding our clinical capacity with the planned opening of the Bumrungrad International Tower in the second half of next year following the renovations that took place in 2016. This will allow us to add capacity in our key specialties.

Our brand is well recognized globally as a leading healthcare institution. We will continue to build on this brand by further differentiating ourselves based on our medical outcomes, patient quality, innovation and the experience that we provide. Execution in these areas is essential to become the hospital that we aim to be.