Message from the Chairman

2015 was a very strong year for Bumrungrad with record revenues observed in both the International and Thailand resident patient segments. The business again produced consistent results in the form of record revenue, EBITDA and profit. Specifically we saw our net profit climb over last year as more patients with complicated illnesses chose to come to Bumrungrad for treatment.

The strategy of serving high-value local and international patients is based on the differentiation of products and services of our hospital compared with other tertiary health care providers, both domestically and internationally. This differentiation of who we are as an institution is driven by our culture that has been developed over the past 35 years. This is certainly a critical factor in our historic and future success.

Our core values are centered around how we care for the patient- with compassion, professionalism, and as a team while simultaneously focusing on strengthening the systems that ensure quality, safety and consistency to deliver better outcomes. This sustained focus and investment in our people combined with an attention to delivering measurable results in turn creates a unique organizational culture that has become the DNA of Bumrungrad.

This unique but enduring culture has shown remarkable adaptability and resiliency over the past several years. It was once again put to the test when Bumrungrad encountered the first MERS case that reached Thailand in June 2015. The combination of outstanding teamwork of our doctors and nurses along with the systems we have in place successfully identified the case and safely isolated the patient so that there was no further contagion and transmission of this virus. For this we received widespread recognition and appreciation from local and international health authorities. We continue to remain vigilant over all threats of infectious disease and refine our processes to ensure the highest standards.

Over the past few years, the company continues to grow and develop strong leaders within the organization. We will continue to invest further in our people and systems to continually redefine what it means to be an internationally leading healthcare provider, one that continues to provide outstanding service and satisfying results well into the future.

Mr. Chai Sophonpanich