Message from the Managing Director

Message from the Managing Director

Ms. Linda Lisahapanya
Managing Director

2019 is considered as another year of stable growth for Bumrungrad. We have successfully faced both changes and economic challenges throughout the year, including pressures to keep up with the rapidly changing business competition in meeting patient needs. During the year over 1.1 million patient encounters, over 632,000 of whom are from over 180 countries, have entrusted Bumrungrad with their care.

Over the past 39 years, the hospital has been committed to improving the quality of medical care and to be a world-class hospital, recognized globally as one of Asia’s most advanced tertiary care destinations. We aim to provide the highest quality, holistic care, provided by highly qualified professionals or multidisciplinary personnel with a compassionate approach to care for patients of diverse languages and cultures. In addition, Bumrungrad is fully-equipped with cutting-edge technology and innovations, whilst operating in a culture emphasizing excellence, ethics, transparency and the highest of safety standards.

In keeping with the ever growing needs and complexities of our patients, Bumrungrad has been investing continuously in various training programs for physicians and medical personnel, in innovation and technology, in facilities that provide both convenience and comfort. We are committed to achieving the best treatment outcomes for each and every patient.

As physicians’ expertise and experience are at the heart of Bumrungrad’s operations, we have thus invested in establishing Centers of Excellence (CoE) for various medical fields. Given the complexity of cases handled in these centers, Bumrungrad has excelled in meeting these challenges. Moreover, these CoEs offer comprehensive care for specific diseases from prevention, early diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation by highly skilled and wellexperienced specialists.

Bumrungrad has many CoEs, including the Critical Care Unit, Heart Center, Horizon Cancer Center, Gastrointestinal-Liver Center, Neurology Center, Robot-assisted Surgery Center, Spine Institute, Orthopedics Center and Eye Center. More CoEs are in the pipeline.

Added to the list, most recently was the Heart Valve Center, which treats problems related to valvular heart disease, offering various methods of treatment including the transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI), which is one of the treatment methods for patients with severe heart valve disease.

Bumrungrad also offers additional services. In addition to the opening of the Heart Valve Center, we offer an OPD Instant Clinic and Afternoon Check Service to satisfy the needs of today’s patients with more specific personal needs. We have also launched a 4-digit telephone number: 1378, which makes it easier, faster, and more convenient to contact the hospital in emergency cases, for an ambulance, or to make appointments.

In addition to the main business operations, Bumrungrad is expanding its scientific wellness business with significant expected synergies. The Vitallife Scientific Wellness Center (a subsidiary) is a partnership with M.K. Real Estate Development Plc. to open an anti-aging clinic with highly luxurious lodgings, which is expected to open in the 3rd quarter of 2020. It will offer integrative, preventative and wellness sanctuary services, at Bangkrachao in Samut Prakan Province.

Core values for all staff were set as a guideline to delivering the best services to our patients in three key areas: Agility, Innovation, and Caring. This is to give a positive experience to all of our patients. In addition to setting clinical practice guidelines according to our core values, Bumrungrad Academy was set up to be responsible for the design and development of Bumrungrad’s unique teaching and learning programs for each professional field in various formats and media forms including training, seminars, simulation-based learning, as well as applications for Bumrungrad personnel to learn anywhere anytime at their convenience to fulfill their own potential.

Lastly, on behalf of Bumrungrad Hospital Public Company Limited, I would like to thank all stakeholders, patients, shareholders, business partners, as well as doctors, dentists and all other hospital staff and executives, who have continuously and significantly provided support and contributed to Bumrungrad’s business growth and global reputation.