Message from the Managing Director

Message from the Managing Director

Ms. Linda Lisahapanya
Managing Director

One million patients from 190 countries place their trust in Bumrungrad. They and their families expect us to deliver medical care of the highest quality and with positive clinical outcomes. Doing so requires us to continuously strive for ever-higher standards of quality and innovation.

In 2017, we added new clinical programs and procedures. We were the first center in Asia - and the third in the world - to introduce CardioInsight technology, a new and noninvasive technology for the diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmia. A 252-electrode sensor vest worn by the patient locates the specific area of abnormality, allowing us to deliver accurate and effective treatment.

The introduction of Precision Medicine into our approach to cancer care is another exciting development. With new, state-of-the-art tools to select the therapies, our oncology team can identify increasingly tailor interventions to the individual patient and their disease.

We also respond to changing patient demands. Our subsidiary Vitallife Wellness Center offers a preventive approach to health in response to people’s desires to look better, feel better and live longer. Bumrungrad patients are now able to complement hospital treatment with these Vitallife services. Our single campus model allows ease of access to both.

In addition, we continuously review and renovate our facilities to ensure that they remain world-class. During 2017, our state-ofthe- art neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) was upgraded; while another intensive care unit (ICU) was added to accommodate the growing number of patients seeking complex medical treatment. To improve both patient comfort and clinical diagnosis, we commissioned the latest model GE 3 Tesla MRI with its larger, quieter chamber and higher resolution image.

The infrastructure of our hospital is increasingly driven by digital technology. The volume of digital medical information has grown exponentially as more detailed images and lab tests, as well as genetic testing, become increasingly routine.

As we work to become a fully integrated digital hospital, we have built state-of-the-art twin data centers to handle increasing levels of data quickly and securely. A new health information system, with best practice integration across different hospital systems, ensures that patient data can securely accessed in real time by doctors and nurses. Patients can access their medical records via a secure website or app. These investments further improve safety, connectivity and convenience.

Fundamental to these successes is the commitment of our doctors, nurses and support staff to providing patient care that is both high-quality and compassionate. Without them, we would not enjoy our reputation for excellence in Thailand and around the world. In addition, our staff’s focus on improved efficiency has led to increased productivity levels and improvements in our cost structure. Despite sluggish economic growth in our markets during 2017, Bumrungrad still achieved year-onyear record revenue growth and strong profits.

I thank our staff for their dedication and achievements over past year and am confident that we will continue to deliver extremely favorable results.