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Shareholders' Fact Sheet

Bumrungrad Hospital Public Company Limited
Symbol: BH
Industry/Sector: Service / Healthcare
Registered Capital: Bt 922,702,685
Ordinary Shares: Bt 921,491,820
Preference Shares: Bt 1,210,865
Issued and Paid up Capital: Bt 795,766,507
Ordinary Shares: Bt 794,885,942
Preference Shares: Bt 880,565
Par Value: Bt 1.00
Foreign Limit: 49%
Other Securities: Convertible Bonds

Convertible bonds

As of 31 December 2022, the Company has two tranches of convertible bonds at a total outstanding amount of Baht 320 million. Details of each tranche are as follows:

Name BH Convertible Bonds Series #1 Due 2027 BH Convertible Bonds Series #2 Due 2027
Date of issue 24 August 2000 24 August 2000
Issuing amount Baht 300 million Baht 1,000 million
Outstanding amount Baht 300 million Baht 20 million
Maturity 27 years 27 years
Coupon rate 2.5% for year 1-4,
5% for year 5-8, and
10% for year 9-27
Terms of payment Semiannually Semiannually
Current conversion price Baht 4.55 Baht 3.50
Collateral None None

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