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Message from the Chairman

The end of 2021 marks the point in which two years have passed since Covid-19 was first detected. Thailand has undergone multiple waves of infections as the country, the government, businesses and individuals cope with the realities of oscillating between full and partial lockdowns, gradual and testbed re-openings of the country to economic activities, both domestic and international.

The quantum of business recovery has been remarkable, despite the divergent stages of the pandemic across our international and domestic markets. Thailand has gradually opened its borders in November 2021, and with it the opportunity and privilege for us to care for our patients from over 190 countries. Though these programs have been suspended, at the time of this writing, there are encouraging signs that the latest developments in the Covid situation point towards the government being less willing for a highly restrictive – and therefore, less damaging - pandemic response. Bumrungrad has become a more resilient company to quickly respond to changes in the business environment. Our Thai and expat business has grown considerably year-on-year, and this, paired with good and prudent cost and cash management has enabled us to recover and maintain solid foundations for sustainable future growth.

We move ever further towards caring for the most complex of medical cases, with a watershed moment reached in successfully carrying out three heart transplant operations. Both cases achieved excellent outcomes. I am proud of our team of highly skilled, multi-disciplinary doctors and clinicians who have rendered world-class care that is synonymous with the name Bumrungrad and the organization’s vision. Our endeavors culminated in consecutive recognition and numerous accolades by Newsweek that we are one of the ‘World’s Top 200 Hospitals’ and the only Thai hospital to be featured in the list. Moreover, Newsweek also recognized Bumrungrad as one of the ‘World’s Smart Hospitals’ being among 250 hospitals globally to have achieved this award.

We have begun expansions to our capacity to service our patients, with construction well underway to building phase 1 of our Soi 1 expansion and building of offices on Soi 3. These will allow us to expand and optimize on space usage and increase revenue generation intensity from our core assets. We are also embarking on a hospital-wide transformation of our inpatient rooms towards a new future in inpatient care and patient experience. All of the above is expected to significantly grow shareholder value for the long-term.

We are actively engaged in being a good corporate citizen and contributors to society. To name but a few, our ‘Rak Jai Thai’ program that offers heart surgeries to underprivileged children with congenital heart disease continues unabated with the support of the Bumrungrad Hospital Foundation. We also continue our proud, over 20-year tradition of offering medical services to underprivileged people living in local communities in Bangkok through the ‘ARSA Bumrungrad’ Mobile Clinic. During the year, we have also undertaken investments that reduce valuable resources consumption and lowering our greenhouse gas emissions. We believe more can be done and we are firmly committed to doing so.

Moving forwards and upwards, I am always reminded that such success cannot go hand in hand without the steadfast support of our shareholders and partners; our esteemed doctors, dentists, clinicians and staff; and our committed fellow board members and management in driving and cultivating one of the world’s best hospitals. Thank you for your dedication, hard work and belief in our vision.

Mr. Chai Sophonpanich
Chairman of the Board

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